Demo Day- Learning Opportunities

 Years ago I was asked to do demo, but the horse they brought was having a really hard time. 

He'd never left home, never been away from his pasturemates, nor been around a crowd, PA system or indoors. He was running around slamming himself into walls of the demo round pen.

 The spectators collectively leaned back as I walked into the horse's chaos. 

Did I "perform" or stay stuck on worrying what I was supposed to be showing off that day? No. The only thing that mattered was helping this scared horse find a safe place mentally, emotionally and physically. 

 Did I have a flag, ropes, whips, or gadgets? No. 

It was such a wonderful opportunity to teach people about what an initially seemingly overwhelming scenario can turn into if the human supports the horse rather than critiques him.

Horsemanship Webinar- Join Samantha Harvey

Refining the Human Perception and Perspective
I will address the following Horsemanship topics:
Connecting the Pieces- Recognizing how each interaction influences the next
Slowing down to achieve Quality- Learning about influences and mental anticipation affecting the communication
The Follow Through- Addressing how often the human quits at a time when their horse needs them
Whether you are able to join the live version or not, a replay will be available for one week following the event.
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Valuing the Horse's Halt

 A picture can tell us so much. This horse was new to the handler, was catagorized as a very "experienced and confident" animal. We had the opportunity to assess him at a clinic. 

Horse Trainer Quote

 One of the greatest challenges in my job is finding the balance of how to best help the human so that they can better help their horse. Horse trainer quote