Settled in for the Winter

I've settled in after an uneventful drive with abnormally beautiful and warm fall weather throughout the 1440 mile drive.  Our field is coming in nicely and after seven years of maintenence on the property here in Yuma it's finally looking "neat and tidy"- even after a six month absence - instead of the normal human size tumbleweeds and overgrowth.  I will resume teaching next week.  Feel free to email to schedule lessons and training.

Word of the Day: Trust

Trust- the quiet, confident relationship established between a person and horse using clear two-way communication that allows the horse to mentally, emotionally and physically be available and receptive to requests and direction from a person.  The more the horse can trust the person, the more "try" (mentally, emotionally and physically) he will offer during any circumstance.  This helps decrease the level of "reaction" from the horse in a situation that bothers him, and instead it can become a confidence building experience. 

Newly Updated Website!!!

If you've never browsed our website or if it's been a while since you last perused it we have made LOTS of changes, updates, re-organization and additions!  In the last few weeks we have spent hours upon endless hours trying to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate.  Make sure if you've visited it before to refresh the pages or delete your old cookies so that all of the changes will appear!   If you find any issues or problems be sure to send us an email and tell us what you think!