Horsemanship: Perceptions of the Halt

 I find most horses asked to stand have a massive degree of containment imposed upon them to prevent them from physically moving. 

Horsemanship: Round Pen Use

 There was an article on anti round pen usage... Here is my perspective/response: 

 I find 95% of folks misuse a round pen, whether under the guise of "exercising" or teaching conditioned responses, such as the lesser of two evils is to turn, face the human and be caught; which is a bullying tactic. 

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series *Defensive Horses


Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series by Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey 

*Defensive Horses* Difficulty Leading Trouble Trailer Loading Horse Quits Moving Forward 

Horsemanship: Raising the Human's Awareness

So much of our horsemanship can be improved in the time spent bringing awareness to our own behaviors and thoughts before we involve the horse. 

Horseback Riding: Building balance in the Saddle

Many folks think whether in the competition arena or riding for pleasure have misconceptions as to what being balanced in the saddle is.

The Illusion of Horse Training- Human Misperceptions

The Illusion of "Horse Training"

One of the greatest negative contributors in the horse industry (to both the human and horse) is the misperception of Horse Training.