Unwanted Horse Behavior- Helping the Head Shy Horse - Dear Sam: Horse Help

Does your horse display unwanted behavior, is he head shy, difficult to halter or bridle? Is your horse defensive about you touching mirror his face? Watch the latest Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series by Alternative Horsemanship the Remote Horse Coach addressing the head shy horse and learn what you might be missing to help change your horse's behavior.

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Moving the Horse to a New Climate * Dear Sam: Horse Help

Dear Sam Horse Help Horsemanship Series *Considerations when moving the horse to a new climate Insight on how best to help a horse transition when moving from one horse climate to another to have the least stressful experience. #alternativehorsemanship #remotehorsecoach #dearsamhorseseries All new access to Exclusive LIVE Content with Q & A Opportunities In-Person Learning Distance Horse Coaching & Consultations Alternative Horsemanship Video Catalog

The Human Intention- Influencing the horse's mental, emotional, and physical responses

Until humans figure out what we are bringing to the equine partnership, we cannot offer the horse clear, intentional, specific, and segmented communication they so often need.

Intention and Horses- Improving the Equine Partnership

It is very easy to come up with all the reasons why you can't or to avoid and delay addressing things with the horse.

Much of what we initially consider as being "horse issues" typically are an accumulation of smaller undesired moments, reflecting our level (and lack of) awareness, mental presence, and intention.

Deconstructing The Horse's Spook * Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series

Deconstructing The Horse's Spook
Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series
Addressing the Human Consideration, Quality of Communication, and how the Horse's Mental and Emotional state influences his Physical behaviors.
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Horse Riding Tips: Improving the horseback rider's balance

Tips for Improving Rider Balance

So much of our horsemanship can be improved in the time spent bringing awareness to our behaviors and thoughts before we ever involve the horse.
The reality is most people don't have the option of enough time in the saddle. We are often disconnected from our thoughts, and we have very little body awareness.

Horseback Rider Fear & Anxiety- What if I don't do "it" right?

What if I don't do it "right?"
Over the years of helping a variety of riders of all ages, backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences, I get asked this same question as they strive to improve their equine partnerships.
Horses have an incredible ability to recognize the human's intention whether a person is in close proximity or not.
The "story" of self-doubt in the rider/handler's head, diminishes their ability to stay present, and communicate in "real-time" with the horse.
Even if the aids are not totally clear, or the timing is slightly off, the clearer and more specific the intention, the greater chance the horse has to address what is being presented.
Experimenting, assessing, and refining understanding of the horse's response and communication is a continuously evolving journey.
Let go of the anticipation, distraction, and self-doubt. Replace it with short, specific, segmented communication with clear intent, and take time to assess the horse's feedback. This helps clarify what to address next to refine the Conversations and build trust in the equine.

Things Horses Spook At... and why the dramatic response

Alternative Horsemanship the Remote Horse Coach shares common encounters or scenarios that cause many horses to spook. Rather than seeing the dramatic response from the horse a the issue, it is often reflecting the degree of the equine's mental and emotional containment. Subscribe for the upcoming Dear Sam: Horse Help Episode addressing this "issue" in depth.

When the Horse Sales Advertisement Lies- Vicious Cycles and Dangerous Equines

Alternative Horsemanship the Remote Horse Coach shares the vicious cycle of passing off the dangerous horse to unsuspecting horse buyers and the unnecessary trauma and fear that follows.