Alternative Horsemanship Clinics in southern California

After 12 years, the 5-part, 6-day Oakzanita Ranch winter clinic series has come to an end. 

Please click HERE to learn about the future plans and updates for Alternative Horsemanship clinics in southern CA sharing clinic options, host details, and more.

Are your good intentions creating a dysfunctional horse? Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series

 Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series

Is the Horse Training building the horse's trust or creating a dysfunctional, fearful, anticipative equine? 

Many horse enthusiasts struggle with finding the balance in how to work with the horse. In this horse learning video, Alternative Horsemanship the Remote Horse Coach discusses how the human's lack of clarity in their communication can leave the horse struggling and resorting to unwanted behaviors. This episode addresses the common horse rider's problem of passively interacting with the horse diminishing his willingness and try.

Click the link to watch on the Alternative Horsemanship YouTube Channel.

Helping the Defensive Horse

 Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series 

Helping the defensive horse 

Watch on the Alternative Horsemanship YouTube Channel. New videos are posted every Friday.

Tips for Riding out, Building Confidence for the Timid Horse Rider

 Tips for the Insecure or Timid Rider

What about building the rider's confidence for riding out?

Reactive Riding - Horse Help & Tips

 Reactive Riding

When people sit down in that saddle their brain tends to focus solely on themselves. Instead, if they treated their horse-like they were "on the same team" and told the horse what the PLAN was ahead of time, the horse would have a better chance of offering the desired response toward the rider. 

Horse Skills Tips - Misconceptions of a Circle

One of the most misused "techniques" I have found is how people present asking the horse to move around a circle.

Horse Behavior- After the session assessment

How often does your focus "leave" as you are nearing the end of a session with the horse? Mentally moving on to something else?

Horsemanship: Reviewing The Release

As with everything, there are many interpretations when it comes to the terminology associated with horses. I try to be clear and precise in the words that I'm offering, but there still can be a gray area in the human student's understanding. This often comes from their level of awareness, background, and unintentional anticipation/expectation of their mind "getting ahead" of wherever they are currently at with their horse.

Alternative Horsemanship April Livestreams

 Join  Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey for the Following a Feel Livestream

Discussing the everyday, overlooked opportunities during the horse interactions that either refine the equine's mental and physical directability or unintentionally teach the horse to avoid and be defensive toward human communication.

Saturday, April 13th at 5pm pst.

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