Unwanted Horse Behavior: Horse Trainer Thoughts


Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series

Chaos, Anticipation, and Unwanted Horse Behavior
Alternative Horsemanship The Remote Horse Coach discusses chaos, anticipation, and unwanted equine behaviors and tips for recognizing human behaviors creating fearful horses.
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Alterative Horsemanship Following a Feel Part 3 Livestream

Following a Feel Part 3: The Horse's Eye

Alternative Horsemanship Locals Livestream
Saturday May 20, 2023, 9am pst

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Are you creating unwanted horse behavior?

 Alternative Horsemanship the Remote Horse Coach shares insight into human interactions that can lead to unwanted equine behaviors.

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Horse Trainer Tips


Horse Behavior- The Eye


Horses, Health, and Sleep Patterns or Deprivation

 Horse Health, Behaviors & Sleep

When we say "horse" the initial image in our mind is that of the horse galloping through a field, or some other majestic movement. But there's also the aspect of thinking about how comfortable mentally and emotionally the horse is.

Holes in the Horsemanship

 Holes in the Horsemanship

It is my job when a horse first comes in to evaluate “where the horse is at,” mentally, physically, emotionally, and experience-wise. So I thought I’d share with you some of the more common “holes” I tend to find in working with horses of all ages… I believe a majority of the time the holes are present because owners and horses learn to get comfortable with how or what they present in a scenario. The horse learns what is expected of them and then can comply. The problem occurs when the “rules” or expectations change.

Horse Rider Intentions and Goals

"You become what you want to be, by consistently being what you want to become each day." Richard G Scott

I think the above quote is so true regarding our own journey of Horsemanship.
I've been working on putting together projects and have been including interviews from students past and present.

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 Horse Help Learning Options

In-person and Distance Coaching
I've had a lot of questions lately about personalized distance coaching options, the video catalog, in-person learning opportunities, horsemanship clinics, horse training opportunities, etc.
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Horse Trainer Tips by Alternative Horsemanship the Remote Horse Coach

Today's Horse Tips

Photo of a very dedicated student who wore this shirt she made to an Alternative Horsemanship clinic...

1. Many people focus (and worry) about doing things "right" and don't realize they have quit consistent, regular breathing.
This causes:
* rigid and delayed communication offered to the horse
*mental & physical fatigue
* limits their physical adaptability in the present moment
2. Many people offer constant negative criticism towards the horse (often after he has offered an unwanted response,) rather than communicating what I call Positive Alternatives- continuously communicating proactively something that the horse CAN do.

Horse Rider Alternative Horsemanship Livestreams Following a Feel


Following a Feel Alternative Horsemanship Livestreams in the Locals Community
May 6 * Recognizing & Addressing The Brace
May 13 * Getting The Thought
May 20 * Directing The Eye
May 27 *Following the Feel
Saturdays 9am pst
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Photo Credit: Cassandra Kendall

Horse Training Practices Creating Fearful Behaviors

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series
Horse Training Practices Creating Unwanted Equine Behaviors

Having horse behavior problems after your equine has been sent to the horse trainer? This video discusses what to recognize as the horse's feedback reflecting problems with rigid, one-size-fits-all training methods and programs that create trauma, harm, and instill fear in your animal leading to unwanted, resistant, avoidant behaviors.

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Horse Trainer Help- Addressing the Horse that Spooks

We may giggle...
But in all seriousness, how did this become the norm?

We've probably experienced our horse spooking at least one or more of the things (and on more than one occasion) in this horse meme.