Confidence or Tolerance: Understand Horse Behavior

Confidence- just because a horse is going through the motions of "doing things" and is "learning" does not mean that he is gaining confidence and feeling secure from his experiences.
The horse may "quietly" tolerate a situation a few or even many times before he starts to show more obvious signs of stress, insecurity, or fear about what is being presented if he is being coerced to physically comply.

The Follow-Through Alternative Horsemanship Livestream

Alternative Horsemanship the Remote Horse Coach Livestream 

Sunday, May 26th, 6pm pdt

Join the discussion addressing the overlooked Follow-Through aspect during the equine interaction. This helps give insight into if the horse is ready for what will next be asked of him and how "much" communication is needed for the equine to become mentally available toward human direction. 

Reference video 

Hosted at the Alternative Horsemanship Locals Community 

Human Intentions Affecting Horse Behaviors


Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series 

Discussing the impact of human intention on equine interactions and behavior. Gain valuable insights on enhancing horse skills and improving communication with your horse. 

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Attending Horsemanship Clinic Tips

 Attending Clinics Tips:  

When to attend, why should you go, and with whom should you participate or audit?

10 Horse Tips to improve the Equine Partnership

 Goal Fixation vs Clear Communication 

10 Questions 

One of the most overlooked aspects of why people and horses are having issues is because of the lack of human clarity.

Top 10 Horse Owner Tips


Are you a new horse owner looking for expert advice? Or maybe you have years of horse experience but are searching for fresh insights?

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series

Top 10 Tips for horse owners of all levels. 

Advice on horse care, training, and practical steps to strengthen the owner-horse bond. Whether building a new relationship with your equine partner or deepening an existing connection, these tips will give insight into proactively caring for your horse while prioritizing your and the horse's safety as you are learning on your horsemanship journey.

Click the  link to watch on the Alternative Horsemanship YouTube Channel. New videos are posted every Friday.

Ask the Horse Trainer - My horse keeps backing up

 Ask the Trainer... Q & A

Unwanted Behaviors- Backing

"Hi, I just bought another quarter horse. When I went to check her out, 2 different people, a man and a lady got on her to ride, she too a step or two back. I got her home,  tried to mount her, and she just keep backing up. I tried for about an hour to go get on her and she keeps backing up. I tried to do this in my field. She let me put the saddle on her easy and the bridle. I tried on 2 different days. I don't have a round pen, should I try to do it in the stall next just to get on and off of her a few times? Thanks for your help."


Alternative Horsemanship MAy Livestream Teaching Schedule


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Horse Behavior Problems

 "My horse was fine...until ______"

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series 

Click the link to watch on the Alternative Horsemanship YouTube Channel. New videos are posted every Friday.

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Tips for Improving Horse Skills & Refining Aids

I teach three stages of communication with the horse to help equine enthusiasts learn how to slow down, be mentally present, refine the quality of their skills, improve their timing, and create interaction that has value to the horse. To do this, I break down the communication offered to the equine into beginning, middle, and end stages.

Improving your Horse Sense- Understanding Equine Behavior

The Three A's

Assess(ment)- Of the horse to evaluate the mental availability, emotional state, and physical softness. Assessing is a foundational key to building a partnership with your horse because it gives the human a "starting point" of what needs to be addressed to help the horse.

Horse Tips : Hard to Catch Horse

 Help- "I have a hard to catch horse"

There are multiple aspects in working with a difficult to catch horse that we must consider.

Alternative Horsemanship Clinics in S California

 ATTN So CA folks! Here's the latest update on future Alternative Horsemanship Clinics -

Learn about Full Immersion, Private, Individual, Demo Clinics and more HERE!

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Quality, Horsemanship & Horse Learning

 What does Quality with the horse mean to you? 

What do you consider as Success?

How often do you consider how the horse's mind and emotions influence his physical responses, versus fixating on containing his movement?

Where is your focus, and are you mentally present and available to acknowledge and address the horse?

Are you willing to let go or adapt your original goal whether temporarily, short or even long-term, to prioritize building trust, try, and willingness in the horse?