Misbehavior inthe Horse- or Pain Issues?

 Horses and Pain

Final post of the #horsehealth theme this week. Scroll my previous posts to read about sleep deprivation, nutrition, tack fit, development/maturity & starting young horses, and now I'll finish with the topic of pain.

Dear Sam: Horse Help *Equine Learning Opportunities- Getting the Most out of New Situations

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series 
*Getting the Most out of Horsemanship Clinics 

 Sam discusses how potentially overwhelming or unfamiliar situations can evolve into quality learning opportunities. 

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Equine Learning- Consequences of ill-fitting Tack Fit in the Human and Horse

Tack fit... or perhaps I should say Mis-Fit.
Probably ranking in the Top 3 challenges faced by riders. It is a major contributor to unwanted experiences in the equine partnership.

Young Horse Training- When are they old enough?

Gentle Reminder...

Although most equine enthusiasts want to do right by their horse, many people are pushed into starting to ride horses at far too young of an age.

Assessing the Horse's Diet- Health, Unwanted Behaviors, and other Concerns

Assessing your horse's diet 
Folks often create an initial feed program with a new horse. Years later, they tend to still be feeding the same thing, without really assessing if it is appropriate for the horse's current health, work regime, health, seasonal changes, etc.

Horsemanship- Allowing ourselves Permission to be Present

"Have to" often clouds our awareness and acknowledgment of the horse. It limits our ability to believe and be empathetic towards the horse.

Can horse goals be good? Absolutely
But what if our first Goal was to begin every session by letting our own distractions go. Exhaling our urgencies. Calming our emotions and energy. And being available to "hear" the horse's communication without Critique?
Learning to address the horse in the present helps us succeed with Quality in the future.
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Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series *Adaptable Energy Levels

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series 

*Adaptable Energy Levels Sam will address why so many people are having issues with slowing down or getting their horses to speed up. She will explain with the superficial "fixes" of more equipment or stronger aids that do not improve the horse's response and what the root causes of unwanted behavior stem from. 

Reminder- Three Upcoming LIVE webinars- one starting January 1/22/22! 
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How do Improve your Horsemanship with Limited Time: Equine Learning


Valuable Time
Whether limited due to work, school, other commitments, weather, etc. I encourage people to spend any and as much Quality Time they can with the horse.

Horse Behavior- Reviewing the Release by The Remote Horse Coach

Reviewing The Release

As with everything, there are many interpretations when it comes to the terminology associated with horses. I try to be clear and precise in the words that I'm offering, but there still can be a gray area in the human student's understanding. This often comes from their level of awareness, background, and unintentional anticipation/expectation of their mind "getting ahead" of wherever they are currently at with their horse.

Alternative Horsemanship Horse & Rider Webinars- Online Equine Learning

All NEW 2022 Upcoming Remote Horse Coach Webinars - *Building Confidence in Horse and Rider Jan 22 *Horsemanship Help: What am I missing? Feb 5 *Pressure Points: Unintentional human communication Feb 19 Click the link to learn more https://bit.ly/HorsemanshipWebinars

Horsemanship Webinars by Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey the Remote Horse Coach

Understanding Equine Behavior: Message in the Muzzle by Alternative Horsemanship

Message in the Muzzle

So many people are drawn to constantly want to touch or be close to the horse's muzzle area as it seems to provoke emotions in the human.
I have found one of the easiest ways to assess the horse's current mental, emotional, and physical state is reflected in how he holds his muzzle.

  • Are there wrinkles and worry lines above the nostrils or below the bottom lip?
  • Are the nostrils flared, is one held larger than the other, are they elongated and narrow, or look like they are inflated?
  • How fast is his breathing, when at a standstill? Are his breaths quick and short?
  • Is the bottom lip wrinkled up, and held with tension, or soft and hanging?
  • Is the area in general quiet and relaxed, or is there a lot of movement in the horse's upper and lower lips?
As you start to refine what you're noticing, watch for how quickly changes in the horse's emotional state are reflected in the physical tension or softness in the muzzle area.

Have you noticed any patterns or behaviors when working with your horse and what he displays in his muzzle area?

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series *Rarely Discussed Challenges & Realities Horse ownership

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series 
*Rarely Discussed Realities of Horse Ownership 

Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey addresses the rarely discussed realities of horse ownership and many of the things that horse owners struggle with. often feeling isolated and the challenge of finding quality horse help.

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Alternative Horsemanship Spring & Summer Clinics 2022


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Horse & Rider Confidence- Bad Weather Opportunities

 Weather Opportunities 

 Often when weather conditions and circumstances are out of our control or are not ideal, we tend to shy away from spending time with our horses to avoid potential conflict or issues.  I find some of the most successful learning situations are when our surroundings are less than ideal. 

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series *Simplifying and Overcoming Equine Challenges

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series 
*Simplifying and Overcoming Challenges 

Sam shares 3 tips for insight into how you can evolve your relationship and improve the equine partnership. Subscribe to the Alternative Horsemanship YouTube Channel for new videos weekly. 

Learning from the Horse- Self-awareness Opportunities

 The Best Teachers 

Time with horses can be our greatest learning moments; they reflect our thoughts, emotions, energy, intentions, fears, insecurities, and so much more.

We can learn about our behaviors, habits, patterns, mindset, anticipation, and triggers that may be sabotaging the clarity of communication and limiting the Quality of the Conversation in our equine partnership.

I just read a great quote,

"Those in pursuit if WHY are inspired to do right." SimonSinek

Have you ever considered if your goal and priorities are to do "right" by your horse, or if you are hopeful that he'll do "right" by you?

Humor: Thoughts on Buying the Young Horse by Alternative Horsemanship

Romanticized Idealism vs Reality 

Equestrians - Preparing for the Spring Riding Season by Alternative Horsemanship

Preparing for the Spring Riding Season
Looking ahead to the upcoming riding season, whether you ride for pleasure or are a competitor, you can strive to offer a supportive partnership towards your horse. I will touch on two concepts that you can start considering, without even having to battle the outdoor winter conditions!

Online Horse Video Learning to Improve the Rider and Equine Partnership

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Challenging and Isolated Journey of Seeking Quality Horse

In the past few weeks so many horse people have reached out from all over the world sharing heartfelt (and some gut wrenching) stories of the trials and tribulations of their Horsemanship journey.