Indirect vs Direct Rein- Understanding the difference

Rein usage- Direct vs Indirect rein What you'll need: Chair, desk/table, string ( or something similar such as baling twine, clip-on reins, etc.), strainer/pot with two handles, something slightly heavy- box of rocks, etc. Attach the "reins" to the handles of the pot or strainer. Place the box or weighted object in the middle between the pot and where you are sitting- with it resting against the pot. Sit in the chair with your forearms resting on the table, hold the reins as you would when you ride with your thumbs up. The pot is your horse's head. The weighted box is his neck.


In my lifestyle every time I check one thing off of the “to do” list, I always seem to add four more things. There is never enough time nor enough hours in the day.
This will be more of a rambling of thoughts to put out there into the universe. Perhaps you’ll be able to relate to some of my thoughts, laugh at some or they may be something for you to consider in your own life and time spent with the horses.
I am grateful that during the past 25 years of working professionally with horses I have learned to listen more and more to that little “voice” in my head that has steered me through many “forks in the road.”
I am grateful to all the horses that have taught me much more than I will ever teach them.
I am grateful to have “been there” in the last moments of a horse’s life and to watch the moment they have accepted “letting go” and peacefully passed.

Holes in our Horsemanship

Dogs from years past gearing up for a ride out!
Filling in the Holes in our Horsemanship

I’ve had a new horse come in for training fitting in sessions with him in between this crazy ongoing bizarre "summer" weather. He is a four-year-old that has had a lot of handling, though his owner’s experience is limited, she has gone “slow” with him…

It is my job when a horse first comes in to evaluate “where the horse is at,” mentally, physically, emotionally and experience-wise. So I thought I’d share with you some of the more common “holes” I tend to find in working with horses of all ages… I believe a majority of the time the holes are present because owners and horses learn to get comfortable with how or what they present in a scenario. The horse learns what is expected of them and then can comply. The problem occurs when the “rules” or expectations change.

Mind over Matter- Improving the Equine Partnership

This quote could apply to all aspects of our life, especially when it comes to the partnership with our horses.

I frequently have people jokingly tell me what I teach in the sessions with their horse, my philosophies and approaches, could be used in other aspects of their life.

Connecting Ground Work and Riding Horses

One of the challenges in offering instruction is to communicate clearly with students AND horses. As I overhear, read or watch many “horse training” sessions/clinics I find that there’s a general lack of “connection” in the student’s ability to understand how the “here and now,” especially in how the quality of their ground work relates to their future ride.

Often new students are able to “talk the lingo,” sounding like they’ve seen a lot, and attempt to go through the steps or concepts they've been taught, but are still experiencing problems with their horse.

After watching other riders or professionals, too many students want to imitate “how it’s supposed to look,” or a specific exercise, task, etc. with no concept as to what the point is of what they are asking their horse to do.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY- Sam will present a DEMO with your horse!

ATTN: Schedule changes= Adaptability!!!

Upcoming Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey Full Immersion Clinic at The Equestrian Center, LLC, in Sandpoint, ID
Dates- July 19-21, 2019

There have been SO many adjustments with random "life events" intervening with some planned participants that I've decided to add a BONUS per request to the upcoming clinic- here is YOUR last minute opportunity.

Would you like to audit the clinic but can only do so for a day? Would you like ME to work with YOUR horse as a demo as to what I'm teaching other participants???

If so, don't wait! Sign up your horse for one, two or all three days to be worked with by me- YOU get to audit all day as a bonus!!!

Enroll your horse NOW

If you're a horse enthusiast here's an opportunity to help you: Understand how your horse's thoughts influence his...

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