Remote Horse Coach- Personalized Distance Learning with Alternative Horsemanship

Remote Horse Coaching options- Free Group, Paid Group, and Individual distance horse learning with Alternative Horsemanship

Client Testimonials:
"Thought I should tell you, though, how often I use the tools you give us. Feeding, leading, loading, riding, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, I'm far more aware of what my horses are feeling and thinking, which (as you obviously know!) leads to better communication and a positive outcome. I think the loading moments are my favorites...where is the brain?...come back to me!...oh, hello, you wanted what? Thanks for expanding the horizons of both me and my horse." Marilyn, WA

"You are THE most amazing horse psychiatrist and trainer!! Every person who owns or rides a horse should connect with you and learn from you. Their relationship with their horse will most certainly flourish. Your insight and instruction with my mare Raven were so helpful and your knowledge and assessment of a horse’s behavior are SPOT ON! Keep doing what you do best." G Kennedy, KY, 2022

Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey the Remote Horse Coach offers innovative distance horse instruction, online horse behavior courses, horsemanship videos, and individual coaching options.

Sam teaches practical and realistic skillsets to help equestrians improve their horsemanship, recognize patterns and habits that limit their equine partnership, and help replace them with horse training strategies to create successful, respectful equine partnerships.

The online and distance horse learning Remote Horse Training Programs offer Individual and Group options. Students can subscribe to a suitable mentorship level that best fits their lifestyle, time, and budget. Individuals may choose the degree of support ranging from a one-time personalized equine-related telephone consultation with Samantha Harvey to online horse coaching with horse learning horse courses via horse webinars, online horsemanship clinics, daily horse training tips, horse instruction, fearful horseback rider horse coaching, and equine behavior videos with Q & A opportunities.

Visit the Video Catalogue for 200+ insightful horsemanship, horse behavior, horse communication videos, horse webinars, equine behavior courses, and more. There are a variety of FREE horse videos and Welcome to Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey horse videos also!

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