Horse Help Concepts- The Box an Alternative Horsemanship tool

 The "Box"

I developed the concept of "the Box" because I was finding too many people wanting to be polite and kind in their communication with their horses, but were lacking specificity, boundaries, or spatial awareness.
The concept of the Box was to give the humans a mental image of where they needed their horse to be to communicate clearly without being distracted by the horse's counteroffers of often leaking, fleeing, drifting, or pushing into them movement.

Horse Tips and Skills Alternative Horsemanship Series


Join Alternative Horsemanship the Remote Horse Coach in this new Horse Tips & Skills series addressing a variety of overlooked opportunities in the horse interaction to improve adaptability, build confidence, increase self-awareness, refine intention, and specific communication.

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Horse Help- Improving your Equine Communication- Eliminating the Brace

Have you ever felt the horse:

Heavy on the lead rope- "dragging" the horse around?

Loading or unloading a horse from the trailer/lorry that you couldn’t “stop” or “move him” to a different place from what he was offering?

The horse would not move out of your personal space when working from the ground?

The horse was resistant to transitions whether being worked from the ground or in the saddle?

The horse is pushing, leaning, heavy, or dragging on the bit/bridle?

When trying to turn in one direction the horse slowly “leaks” the opposite way?

When trying to ride a straight line the horse is constantly “throwing” or “locking up” his shoulder or hip towards the opposite way from which you are traveling?

Picking up the reins and feeling a general “lethargic” response from your horse?

Are you overwhelming your horse?


Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series
Is your horse overwhelmed?
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Horse Evacuations & Equine Emergency


Alternative Horsemanship Tips for Evacuation Preparedness 

Emergency Evacuation Video 1

Emergency Evacuation Video 2

Pushy or Charging Horses

 Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series 

Pushy and Charging Horses

Discussing Aggressive, Charging, "Pushy" Equine Behavior, what creates it, and where the human interaction begins to create safe boundaries.

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Horses and Pressure 3-part Alternative Horsemanship Livestream

Horses & Pressure: Part 1 Spatial Pressure

Discussing many of the commonly overlooked and unintentional human communication that creates avoidant, defensive, and unwanted equine behaviors.

Alternative Horsemanship Livestream 

Saturday August 12th 9am pst 

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Horse Skills : Position Alternative vs Critical Communication

 Positive Alternatives vs. Critical Commentary 

Most riders focus on what they don't want their horse to do and attempt to "block," drive, or reprimand the horse in what they consider is the moment of unwanted behavior (more often they are responding to symptoms vs root causes.)

If they are reacting to only the big and obvious physical movements of the horse, they are missing all the initial Opportunities to check-in with the horse's mental availability and directability which influences his behaviors. 

Horse Tack Tack the Sidepull

The Remote Horse Coach shares tips in her Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series on her Alternative Horsemanship YouTube Channel in the Tack Talk video discussing using a sidepull.

Mental Distractions and Anticipations in the Horse Interactions

 Mental Distractions & Anticipations

Many people get triggered by distractions and mentally go far away from where they are with their horse as they get lost in their "stories" of what ifs, history of previous experiences, or anticipation of what might potentially happen. 

The Human's Intention and Equine Interactions

For years I mindlessly caught, led, and tacked up the horse.