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"I have been riding and owning horses since I was 7 yrs old starting in 1976. I did most of the horse training myself learning via books and at various clinic lessons. Until I had some traumatic horse accidents these past five years, I realized, finally, that I was missing something and needed to approach the horse with a fresh attitude. I was ready to totally give up on my mare! Luckily, I heard of Sam and started working with her 3 years ago. I realized I lacked the profound knowledge needed to truly bond with my horses. To speak their language. To teach them to fully trust me and my leadership. My mare and I have a whole new relationship now. It's wonderful! We both look forward to being with each other. We slowed everything down, took a deep breath, and went back to basics. I am so thankful for Sam and her gentle, knowledgeable wisdom- Jemmie is thankful too!♡" Cassandra, CA

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