Horsemanship and Equine Partnership

This post comes as a result of several recent comments I’ve heard from horse people as they are getting “amped up” for the upcoming spring riding season. Especially in areas of the country that are affected by nasty, cold winter weather, it seems that winter brings on a lethargic feeling, and so instead of the actual hands-on time with their horses, people tend to try to learn via technology, books, etc.

Horsemanship: Misinterpretation of horse behavior and communication

Frequently I've had posts shared with me about how "cute" something is in a horse, mule, or donkey's behavior. Unfortunately, when folks filter their interpretation of an animal's behavior with human emotions, it clouds their judgment in learning, recognizing, or believing what the animal was experiencing and communicate.

How to create Adaptable and Reasonable horses

How do YOU and YOUR horse respond if: 

 You go into the pasture/stall with a halter in your hand, but don't immediately catch your horse. 

 You open the gate/stall door but don't go out it. 

 When you do go out the gate, you stop and talk to someone, instead of continuing on to wherever the tack up area is. 

You tack up "wrong"- place your saddle blanket on the horse's neck or rump instead of the "normal" area, or change the order by bridling before you saddle. 

 You lead from the horse's right side. 

Horsemanship- Tack Fit Challenges


Tack fit... or perhaps I should say Mis-Fit. Probably ranking in the Top 3 challenges faced by riders. It is a major contributor to unwanted experiences in the equine partnership. 

Challenges or Difficulties with your horse? Improve your Horsemanship

Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey Remote Horse Coach Empowered Equine Partnership journey. Learn to understand horse behavior, improve your horsemanship, communicate with horses, decrease your fear, build your horse's trust, improve your skill-set, and more.

Horse Rider Help- Anxious, Fearful, Concerned horseback rider

 I receive a variety of inquiries every week from fearful, anxious, concerned, and stressed horseback riders worldwide. I've noticed a consistent theme that is diminishing the quality of their Equine Partnership- Mind-Set Mayhem™.


Horsemanship Class: "Reading the Horse" Online Course

*Seven Horses * Seven Days *Seventeen Minute Sessions

Presented by
Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey: Remote Horse Coach

Who: All horse folks wanting to learn to recognize and read the horse’s body language and behavior in order to learn how to work towards creating a respectful and fulfilling equine partnership.

Why should I take this course? Many horse enthusiasts truly want the best for their horses. As with everything, there can be a steep learning curve, irrelevant of how many years that you have been around horses. Every horse has something new to teach us. As a client of mine once said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Ask yourself the following questions- Do you:
Struggle with the “same” issue(s) with your horse?
Feel overwhelmed by your horse’s behavior?
Want to help your horse become more confident?
Feel like your training has reached a plateau?
Experience your horse resisting your requests?
Feel like your horse ignores your communication?
Have a horse that is a “hard” keeper?
Have a horse that has “issues” with every day handling such as with the farrier, vet, trailer loading, catching, tacking, mounting, riding out, or?
Have a horse that is really great, except for _____?

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