10 Horse Tips to improve the Equine Partnership

 Goal Fixation vs Clear Communication 

10 Questions 

One of the most overlooked aspects of why people and horses are having issues is because of the lack of human clarity.

There needs to be a beginning, middle, and end in the communication offered to the horse. By presenting pieces of the "whole" conversation, the rider or handler can have improved "real time" equine interactions, which then teach the horse to trust and try. 

To help the human become clearer in their thoughts, communication, and timing, I suggest asking themselves the 10 questions posed below. The answers will help clarify what, where, and when things may need refinement to better support the horse to be successful in what is asked of him. 

1) Where (pick a specific point) are you going?

2) How fast do you want the horse to move there? 

3) Did you "check in" with your horse and notice/address any initial distraction or concern before you asked for him to respond to your request? 

4) How did you communicate specifically what you wanted from the horse?

5) Did he have counteroffers?

6) Did you address the counteroffers in a manner that helped him mentally let go without triggering his fear, anticipation, or defensiveness? 

7) Can you separate asking for mental direction from his movement? 

8) What was his response to your aids? 

9) Did you "tell" your horse with your aids where the end point was, or leave it up to him to sort it out?

10) After accomplishing what you asked, is the horse more available to your communication or is he increasingly evasive and carrying tension?

If you're curious about learning more, last week's Livestream (with a replay available) discusses the Assessment and Check-in. This coming Sunday, 5/26, at 6pm pdt, will be the second Livestream discussing the Follow-Through in Communication. The series is available to subscribers. Click the link in the comments.

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