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Horsemanship Class: "Reading the Horse" Online Course

*Seven Horses * Seven Days *Seventeen Minute Sessions

Presented by
Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey: Remote Horse Coach

Who: All horse folks wanting to learn to recognize and read the horse’s body language and behavior in order to learn how to work towards creating a respectful and fulfilling equine partnership.

Why should I take this course? Many horse enthusiasts truly want the best for their horses. As with everything, there can be a steep learning curve, irrelevant of how many years that you have been around horses. Every horse has something new to teach us. As a client of mine once said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Ask yourself the following questions- Do you:
Struggle with the “same” issue(s) with your horse?
Feel overwhelmed by your horse’s behavior?
Want to help your horse become more confident?
Feel like your training has reached a plateau?
Experience your horse resisting your requests?
Feel like your horse ignores your communication?
Have a horse that is a “hard” keeper?
Have a horse that has “issues” with every day handling such as with the farrier, vet, trailer loading, catching, tacking, mounting, riding out, or?
Have a horse that is really great, except for _____?

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Horsemanship Webinar Series: Self-Awareness Improves our Horsemanship

Improving our Horsemanship: The Human

Working with horses sometimes appears like a magic act. We can get distracted by their big, dramatic, unexpected behaviors, unsure of when, how, or what caused them to begin. This leaves folks unsure of how to influence a different outcome or response in the animal.

Horsemanship Video: Horse Help

Join the Remote Horse Coach for online and distance learning horsemanship courses and classes.

The online and distance horse learning Remote Horse Training Programs offer Individual and Group options. Students can subscribe to a suitable mentorship level that best fits their lifestyle, time, and budget. Individuals may choose the degree of support ranging from a one-time equine-related telephone consultation with Samantha Harvey to on-going guidance via horse webinars, online horsemanship clinics, daily horse training tips, horse instruction behavioral videos with Q & A opportunities.

Sam Harvey's equestrian and horse training tactics apply to both competitive and pleasure riders. Her adaptable distance learning format can be used to supplement a rider's current horse training program or used by itself. She has had proven success in working with a variety of equestrian students worldwide, irrelevant of their chosen riding discipline or years of horse experience. Her students vary on a wide spectrum from those facing equine-related trauma or fear to those needing the mental edge when competing at the international level.