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Word of the Day- Anticipate (In the horse)

Anticipate- Many horses tend to be mentally ahead of where they are physically beacause of a concern about something that might be asked of them. Due to a lack of clear communication from their rider they feel that they must offer "something" or else their rider might reprimand them.  The action or movements of the horse tend to be exaggerated and over reactive mentallyand behaviorally.  They are consumed with worry about not getting the "right" answer which causes them to physically move with a hurried or "rushed" action.   The root cause of an anticipative horse is due to a lack of participative and clear communication from a thinking rider towards the horse.   Because the horse doesn't understand what is going to be asked of him, it creates a resistance in his mental availability to think his way through a situation.  This usually causes an undesired movement and depending on the horse and situations sometimes to a dangerous point.

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