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Follow Us! One day horse trials in CA! 3 Competitors

I’m writing this update right before I head over to the barn for the final review of packing, loading horses and students and then hitting the road. If technology decides to cooperate I will be able to upload a cross country and stadium course walk that I will do with students, (pictures and lecture included,) and a play be play of "You're first horse trials!" This will include Dressage, Stadium and Cross Country all ridden in the same day as this is a schooling show. Stay tuned... The weather forecast is rain all day today (five hour drive) and then just before my three riders start the competition tomorrow the rain is supposed to die down.

These three riders have NEVER been to a competition like this before and are proving to be good sports... Here’s a little on their background.

Combo #1 has an advanced rider but the horse has a history of being "manhandled" when he feels any level of stress. He then mentally checks out. He’s a gorgeous thoroughbred that has already competed in these sorts of events, but never feeling good about it. He also has a racing past, which he resorts to when his brain gets fried. So the goal for him is to participate in the event and to stay mentally available. His rider's goal is to feel like she is "taking the horse" for the rider, rather than hoping to survive it.

Combo #2 has a SUPER laid back ranch horse that will try and address whatever you put in front of him, even though he's not the most athletic of horses. As long as his rider stays focused and rides accurate, they'll be able to "take on" anything presented to them.

Combo #3 has come a LONG ways. This was an abused ranch horse (with stifle and tendon injuries) that a novice rider took on after she inherited him and quietly persisted with. We were saying the other day if anyone had ever told her three years ago she'd be jumping (he's super tight and catty) what she is today and having her horse respond and try the way he does now, she'd have never believed it. During times of stress will still cause his brain to check out, but as long as she is persistent and doesn't accept the "minimum" he tends to be able to let his concerns go and refocus on the job at hand.
Stay tuned!

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