A Happily Ever After Story...

Hello Sam,

We purchased Honest from you last fall. My daughter calls him Q.T.  I thought I would send you a little update.
She has spent the past year getting to know him. He had to learn how to be a family guy, we made him nervous for months for no apparent reason, nothing crazy he just always had his guard up. He now knows we all love him and he is safe and he is relaxed.
He is Kolby's ( my daughters) best friend and I trust him now too. She has competed in 4h with him this year and will add reining next summer and then they will join the high school equestrian team fall of 2011. (she is just in 8th grade) She has it all planned out LOL. They were a big hit at the Spokane Fair too!
She has to learn to work his gas pedal, that boy can move.... they did some gaming in 4H and had a blast. He changes leads like melted butter for her in western eq patterns. I don't even ride him anymore. He works better for her and he likes/trusts her, they are a team. He will follow her around like a dog. When she is having a bad day you will find her in the barn talking to her horse.
I am attaching a couple of photos for you to see them together. Thank you for picking us to be his family.

Sincerely, Ronda

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  1. Love your blog here. I've enjoyed reading a few of your posts, and will be back for more.


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