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 I've had a lot of inquiries about video coaching lately... It is such a great opportunity for learning. Some folks are concerned initially about how complicated it will be, it isn't.

If you have a phone and internet access, you can do it! Here's what is involved:
Step 1: The student films 30 minutes of footage- can be multiple clips as this allows them to share snippets of a variety of scenarios and interactions with their horse.

Step 2: Upload it to a youtube channel (private- I offer tutorials on how to do so easily.) The student sends the link, I review it.

Step 3: We schedule a time to watch the clip together while on a recorded call, and I "instruct" for an hour. This allows me to help the student learn to see and break down where there is a lack of clarity, communication, etc. It allows us to pause, replay, and review the video as I'm talking through things to recognize, notice, and how to improve communication and physical interactions with the horse.

Step 4: The student receives an emailed, downloadable version of the call so that they can replay and re-watch as many times as they'd like.

I have found this learning method can help students become clear on what they need to address, how to do it, and then they can go and practice.
Whether it is groundwork or riding, a "specific issue" or a general lack of confidence, here is some recent feedback from Remote Coaching students around the world:

"I was nervous about filming myself and not sure if you could help me since you weren't 'there' in person. I couldn't believe how helpful it was to break things down during the call. I can see the difference in what I thought I was doing versus what my horse was experiencing. This was so helpful. I've re-watched the video listening to our call twice, and I already am able to make changes. Thank you so much, (and Ronnie the Redhead thanks you too!)" Sandra, Minchinhampton, UK

"I am NOT tech-savvy. At all. I was just proud to be able to upload the video! And then all of the details you were able to help me see and understand really led to some big Aha moments. I've had a lot of instruction in person, but the way you broke things down with your teaching has helped so much. I am so looking forward to our next session." Julie, North Carolina, USA

"Honestly I never thought I could learn so much without an instructor standing in the arena with me. I felt like I was at a plateau with my horse and didn't know what was missing. Your insight allowed me to connect so many issues I've been having because I didn't realize how they affected the entire interaction with my horse. It really is amazing to have had this opportunity when I'm on the other side of the world! Joey, Winston, and Asher thank you! P.S. I love the "homework" as it helped give me direction with my horses." Alex, Queenstown, NZ

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