Reintroducing the Halter to the Fearful and Defensive Horse

For those who have been following Tulip's journey... and as a recap for those who are unfamiliar with her story. She was sold as an "Advanced Beginner" horse via sales video. After being shipped across the country, it took her new owner two hours to catch her... a year later they were stuck in relatively the same place and she was basically untouchable.
This is the first day of week three. If you're interested in week one, click here , and week two, click here , and now the first time I'm re-introducing the halter. She has massive physical scarring and trauma. Serious head shy-ness. So a lot of what I do with her in the videos is based on the very narrow window of opportunity I have to help and offer her a different human experience from what she expects.
Each of the videos is not ideal. It is a glimpse into the beginning of the Conversations and journey of "what it takes" to help a horse like this. I have no agenda. No "we have to..." And, no "circus act." If I were to "drive, make, force a horse like this... she'd blow right through the fence out of fear. The only goal is to reawaken her curiosity to replace the fear and defensiveness.

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