The Human Agenda & Horse Problems

 The Human Agenda can often create blinders towards the Horse's Communication for so many who interact with equines.

The Vicious Cycles of criticism towards the horse after he finally escalates unwanted behavior (because all of the previously reasonable displays of his worry, concern, defensiveness, etc. were ignored,) is incredibly frustrating to observe.

90% of my "fixing" 'problem horses,' is undoing ALL the previously "taught" defensiveness by humans because people were in a rush, prioritizing "I want it now," and had little empathy for acknowledging what the horse was mentally, emotionally, and physically experiencing.

It is exhausting to see in person, read about in chat forums, and watch "funny" examples on social media of horses desperately communicating fear and pain, only to be laughed at or criticized.

For the amount of current discussions in our society talking about the importance of addressing the human's mental, emotional, and physical health, it is mindblowing to me that these same concepts are not empathetically applied towards the horse. 

It is hard to understand how there is so much human disconnect in recognizing the unwanted equine behaviors offered by the horse is a reflection of his mental and emotional state.

Why is there so much resistance towards revisiting and refining the horse's educational foundation?

Why are the "holes" in his education patched with bullying tactics and more pressure?

Why is prioritizing long-term commitment and curiosity in the human's Horsemanship journey of observing, learning, and experimenting with the horse, resisted?

When is there accountability for the daily traumatic experiences so many horses continually lived with?

Normalizing drugs, constantly increasing pain meds, using severe equipment, and imposing aggressive handling/riding for every day interaction doesn't fix anything...

And in the long run, what are the Consequences for the many horses who experience this?

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