Improving the Human and Horse Partnership


There comes a point... 

You can double down increasing pressure, severity of tack, and demanding obedience, all the while hoping "it" works...

Or, you choose to change. 

It really is that simple.

The minute you let go of self-imposed have tos, I wants, judgement and criticism (towards yourself and your horse), you begin to give yourself time and permission to learn.

Yes. Really.

Learning and retention cannot occur under stress, anticipation, fear, or when in a defensive state.

For you, or the horse.

Learning how to learn is a skill.

There is a difference between theory and real world application. Mimicking (or attempting to) what you see in someone else's behaviors or interaction with the horse, without understanding the nuances of the how, what, when, and why, leaves you offering the horse grey area communication, leading to unwanted responses and building his distrust.

Bluffing your way through equine interactions does not build your skill set or understanding of how to influence your horse first mentally, to then have reasonable, safe physical responses.

If you keep doing the same thing in the same way and getting overwhelmed by your interactions with your horse, is "it" working?

Instead, experiment with your adaptability and communication to address the horse standing before you here and now, changes everything.

Silencing the unasked for opinions or those that ridicule your abilities will bring you an emotional calm and mental presence to acknowledge the horse presently.

Instead of categorizing the unwanted responses as stubborn, bad, or naughty horse behavior, perhaps recognize that it is reflecting his mental and emotional state, and he is doing the best he can do, based on his previous human experiences.

Assess how often you've been focused on task accomplishment without first addressing if you had quality "tools" in the communication offered, to help the horse successfully achieve what you asked of him, without increasing his mental anticipation or physical tension. 

What does the horse learn from your communication? To trust and try or do they increase his distrust towards you? How might that affect future interactions?

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