Curiosity in the Horse and Human

Curiosity in Horses... and Humans
One of the greatest challenges I have in so many cases of Equine Rehabilitation and Re-education is stimulating Curiosity in humans.

Horses amazingly enough, despite their past trauma, in most scenarios will still try, if given clear support and communication. As their fear diminishes, their curiosity increases.

But humans? Such a struggle. They become self-absorbed with fears, anticipation, what-ifs, distractions, and stories about "last time" which often become a fixation or mental block in their ability to be present in what is happening in "real-time."

I often say the horse is mirroring the human’s mental and emotional state.

If a person is self-absorbed in their fear, or self-doubt, or is unwilling to be honest with themselves to address their mental block(s), the horse will reflect it during the interaction with avoidant and defensive behaviors.

When the human chooses to intentionally become mentally available and present to observe and acknowledge the horse's communication without projecting an emotional filter, it is immediately visible in the mental, emotional, and physical changes in the horse.

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