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Upcoming Alternative Horsemanship Clinics

Client Testimonials:


"I think of Sam as a gifted translator between horses and humans. She’s able to show you what your horse is thinking through its carriage, breathing, and behavior. What I have learned from Sam is that the physical follows the mental which is very eye-opening coming from a traditional riding experience. This is so different from the conventional trainer who is ONLY focused on the physical." Vanessa, FL


"I was there to see Samantha help with this troubled Belgian horse. It was truly amazing to see the change in the horse as she offered him a peaceful place to be. I will be a fan forever." Expo auditor Joy C


"I enjoyed the day so much. Thank you for allowing me to audit. I look forward to coming back to continue my learning journey with Sam's knowledge and guidance. Truly she has been given a gift and what a gift to all of us that she has chosen to share it. I will be there as much as I can to listen and learn. It was a privilege to watch her work!" Kathy 


"I'm glad I went to audit. The whole session reminded me of how important to build the foundation of communication skills with my horse in the way that Sam teaches. Thank you for an amazing time!:



"I feel like I learned so much simply from auditing some of the sessions and look forward to learning more. In the past few days, I have been practicing some of the new methods (especially ‘slowing down’ in new ways and learning to observe the small emotional signals) with my two sweet Mustang girls, and both mother and daughter are really responding well! It is so fun and rewarding to see."


Full Immersion Clinics:
Developed to create various learning opportunities to help equine enthusiasts refine their understanding of equine behavior and communication. Sam includes numerous topics with participants learning while unmounted and mounted, and in individual and group sessions. These safe, fun, and supportive learning scenarios offer an in-depth, full-immersion experience. Topics covered include Equine Behavior Assessment, Clear Communication & Effective Aids, Ground Work, and Riding, anatomical lectures, tack fit and appropriate usage, "finding a feel" exercises, group discussions, and more. Max 6 participants. 

Private Facility
Alpine, CA
Feb 10-11, 2024

Private Facility
Coconut Grove, FL
Feb 24-25, 2024

The Equestrian Center
Sandpoint, ID
August 23-25, 2024

Participant openings- sign up now! Participant Registration
Auditor Registration

Alternative Horsemanship Winter Series:
Private, one-hour sessions catered to the individual student and horse's abilities. Groundwork and riding.

January 24-29
February 28- March 4
March 27- April 1

Hosted by Oakzanita Ranch Descanso, CA
Get on the waitlist. Auditors welcome.
For details contact the clinic host Peggy HERE

Private Clinics:
Bring Sam to your facility or May-September join here at The Equestrian Center in Sandpoint, ID! For the individual horse enthusiast (or bring your friends) who would like to participate in an intensive two-day horsemanship clinic with Sam. A variety of topics will be covered during mounted and groundwork sessions catered to suit you and your horse's individual needs.­
For off-site inquiries, Email with your date, location, and number of participants for options for pricing and availability.
For on-site inquiries click HERE

Hosting a Public Clinic:
Typically Samantha Harvey's horse and horsemanship clinics are booked months in advance but occasionally have last-minute openings. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to get a clinic organized. Once you have five to eight committed participants we can schedule a clinic at your facility.
Learn more HERE

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