Tips for Improving the Equine Partnership

"Letting Go" to Feel of the Horse

Learning the commonly taught mechanics to work with a horse from the ground or how to ride can be a challenge. It is also what most folks limit their horse education and goals to, with no understanding of the horse or his behaviors.

"Letting go" of one's emotional chaos, hopefulness, unreasonable expectations, and mental distractions before being in proximity to the horse, allows acknowledgment of what the horse is experiencing during the interaction. This then gives the human guidance on what needs to be addressed to help the horse better.

"Letting go" of self-imposed or society's traditionally taught hurried, repetitious, patterns, have-tos or "horse training rules", allows for unexpected Opportunities that can often become trust-building experiences between the human and the horse.
The more we learn to "let go," the more present in the moment and available we are to observe, experiment, and adapt which is then mirrored in the horse's willingness toward our requests.

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