Full Immersion Clinic June 8-10

Happy Spring Time to Everyone!

I have finally organized my calendar… I’ve received some emails regarding clinics, and this year I will only be offering ONE Full Immersion Clinic at TEC in Sandpoint, ID.  Please visit the following link: http://www.learnhorses.com/Clinics/camp.htm  for details, registration and more. 

This really is a great opportunity for an evaluation, ideas and suggestions in addressing current “issues”, thoughts and theories to help you and your horse attain future goals and much more.  I always have a varied group of participants; much of the feedback is the relief participants experience from being in a “supportive” setting with other equine enthusiasts who have left judgments and egos behind.  Often past participants have mentioned that the experience shifted from their originally intended goal of “fixing”  a current problem, to their realizations during the clinic, through a newfound awareness, of understanding "holes" in both themself and their horse in regards to things they never recognized or addressed that were affecting the quality of the relationship and performance in their horse.

Even if you cannot participate, feel free to pass this email along to all of your horsey friends!  As always auditors are welcomed and encouraged.


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