What do you do?

This picture was taken from the April AZ Clinic really "says it all".  I love it because it captures so much- often I'm asked what "exactly" is that I do in regards to disciplines, training, events, etc.  Although a lot of horse folks are coming around, there are still many stigmas as to staying within certain "boundaries" of a specific discipline, breed, etc.  If you look closely in the photo the horse on the left is a TB mare, off the track who is now spending her days jumping at local schooling shows and enjoying trails; next to her is a mule whose background included Dressage, jumping, trails and more- his new career has begun here in AZ is to be an endurance mount; and the last horse you see is a mustang rounded up five or so years ago that has gone "through" several owners, before his current owner began her journey of helping him "feel a bit better about life" so that they both can enjoy the ride. Yes, they all attended the same clinic.  As varied as their history, breeding and experiences were, they and their riders all shared many of the same concerns, issues, fears, and enthusiasm in searching for a quality and trusting paternship.

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