Connection with our Horse

There is always a special moment, with each horse as our journey progresses, that he will finally allow himself to "hear" me, and then to trust me. For some the experience takes a lot of sorting out of emotions, trial and error, and searching... for other horses you can immediately "feel" their desire to want to meet you on the "other side" of the partnership. Whichever case it may be, there is this fragile, beautiful moment, when the horse will literally look at you with an entirely different expression. The eyes go soft. The breathing slows. The tension and defensiveness leave the body. The steps get light and quiet. And you can "hear" the horse. Everything about the ears, eyes, jaw, muzzle, throat, top-line, stifle, hocks and tail becomes "putty," just waiting for you to "mold" it... He willingly offers his trust that "it" will be okay if he follows your lead. It never gets "old" to be a part of that journey, to see the change, and experience the togetherness... I'm so thankful to the horses, and their owners, who both trust me to guide them to that mentally, emotionally and physically quiet place.

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