Why Remote Coaching? Proven Results!

There are three different options that allow you a one-on-one, personalized coaching that addresses the mental and emotional well being of the horse and rider- creating the ideal physical outcome.

"Having tried several trainers, I was on the verge of replacing my gelding. He would become defensive and refuse to go forward, start spinning, backing, or bucking at the lope. Other trainers had tried to "ride the buck" out of him. This only made him more resentful and insecure. I tried everything, from chiropractic treatment, replacing his saddle pad, changing his feed and starting over on the ground. However, riding him into a lope was beyond my comfort level and he would buck going into the lope even on the ground. Sam not only had the patience to help me rebuild his confidence, but gave me tools to help him as well. Now I have a horse that is learning to trust again and thanks to Sam, when he gets stuck, I can help him through it. Sam's approach is very effective and I have learned so much from her. I look forward to continuing to work with her and my horse."
Amanda K, UK

Find out more how I can help you and your horse on your journey!
Equine Partnership- 3 Part Series

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