Alternative Horsemanship WEBINAR- Limit 10 Participants- Join me LIVE

When: February 15, 2020 @ 10am-11am PST

What: Enjoy this one-hour, LIVE, online webinar from the comfort of your own home!
*challenges you face with your horse
*mental approaches when working with your horse
*strategies to decrease your own insecurities

Webinar will be hosted in a closed Facebook group.

Limit 10 participants.

30 minutes dedicated to the group's questions with interactive Q & A throughout the webinar. 

The entire lecture will be available for your review and replay for one week following the event date.

After signing up, you will receive an invite to the closed group and instructions regarding the forum.


Dear Ms Harvey, I'd just like to say a massive thank you for your detailed and insightful reply - it made me cry. I feel like I've been so deluded by trying to do things 'right' that I've forgotten about Poppy! I will groom and tack her up, often in a rush, before realizing that I haven't even properly looked at her. How inconsiderate is that? No wonder she's learned to tune out people! She's just learned that whatever she does, no one listens, and she just has to put up with whatever is thrown at her. Everything you have said is right and I think that, in a way, I've known it all along. I have been ignoring my instincts for so long that I've forgotten how - and when - to listen to them and behave accordingly. I love this horse so much and it makes me really unhappy to fully know my part in her unhappiness. Emily, MA

Join me on your journey of horsemanship.
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