Rock Bottom Motivation with the Horse

Rock Bottom Motivation

My horse is really good... except when I ask him to ______.

I often go out to ride concerned about who will be at the barn or stable...

I can only do ____ with my horse if I first _____ with him.

When I first bought my horse he was great, but now I feel unsure about how he will react to things.

I've been riding for 30 years, shouldn't I know enough by now to stop taking lessons?

My friends' comments when they try to help me at the competition/on the trail/at home schooling just stress me out to the point that riding isn't fun and I'm now avoiding going to the barn.

I feel overwhelmed in where and how to get my horse to respect me.

When I rode as a child I had no fear, now it seems to be a constant in the back of my mind and overshadows enjoyment in time spent with my horse.

I dutifully work my horse, but it seems the more I practice something the worse my horse gets.

When I'm sitting in the saddle I'm exhausted after just a short ride.

These are just a FEW of the many, many, many weekly challenges new clients bring to me for help to coach them through.

How many of you can relate to any of the above 10 statements?

Most folks are insecure about sharing their own self-doubts in regards to the partnership with their horse. Or perhaps their fear or anticipation that is potentially stifling their progress. Or they may be concerned that if they ask for help, those that they turn to may have good intentions but offer unsound or inappropriate advice.

One of the key contributors preventing people from creating the rewarding partnership with their horse is that THEY HAVEN'T HIT ROCK BOTTOM YET!

Now hold on, I'm not saying that I would ever want anyone to reach that "low" place along their journey of horsemanship. But as I was speaking with a friend the other day, trying to verbalize why it is that so few people, who rationally know they need professional advice and help with their horse, do not seek it out, it hit me!

Human behavior is human behavior. And unfortunately the ultimate motivator for drastic changes in human thoughts, behaviors and emotions seems to be in direct correlation with a spiral downward or hitting "rock bottom." This includes in the relationship with their horse.

In the horse world, I have found the biggest consistent contributor that motivated equine enthusiasts to make lasting, long-term changes from "how they've always done something with their horse" is FEAR and HORSE RELATED ACCIDENTS.

And it is so frustrating to watch how many of these emotionally trying, physically debilitating scenarios riders experience that could have been diminished, decreased or eliminated had the person prioritized building their own esteem through quality equine instruction and experiences.

So if you're at a crossroads, or if that voice in your mind is constantly creating doubt or fear as you work with your horse, or if you're feeling "hopeful" that you'll survive the next interaction or ride with your horse, PLEASE seek out help!

Whether through distance learning, in person, auditing lessons or clinics, reading books, anything to practice starting to make changes in your own behaviors in order to create a different outcome in the future experiences with your horse.

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