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 I receive a variety of inquiries every week from fearful, anxious, concerned, and stressed horseback riders worldwide. I've noticed a consistent theme that is diminishing the quality of their Equine Partnership- Mind-Set Mayhem™.


Whether they've ridden for decades or have become equestrian enthusiasts later in life, despite their passion for the horse, a large percentage are burdened, overwhelmed, and limited in enjoying the partnership with the horse. 


 The reality is as people age, they increasingly feel vulnerable to getting hurt. And most of the folks I meet at clinics, in lessons, and in my Alternative Horsemanship Remote Horse Coach sessions may experience one, some, or all of the following when participating with their horse: 

  •  Anxiety 
  •  Anticipation 
  • Apprehension 
  • Concern 
  • Defensiveness 
  • Doubt 
  • Fear 
  • Mistrust 
  • Nervousness 
  • Panic 
  • Self-shaming 
  • Worry 
  • Unease 
 The #1 concern I hear voiced from this group of riders is the fear of getting hurt. 

 The #2 concern is their worry as to what might happen during interactions with the horse. 

 The #3 concern is the overwhelming emotional flooding that sabotages the rider's progression and enjoyment. 

 And all too often good-intentioned riding friends, instructors, and trainers attempt to "gently" bully the student through a session. What does this accomplish? Though they might seem physically capable or "okay," after such an experience, it increases the rider's concern in the future. 

Your mind influences your emotional perception and physical experience in the time spent with your horse. Learning to recognize unwanted patterns in your thoughts, what your mental triggers are and the undesired emotions that follow, why you are fixating on potential negative outcomes, and how to replace your Mind-Set Mayhem™ with Mindful Pro-Active Behavior.

Though the physical aspects of your time in the saddle may appear to be your main "issue," I believe it is the mental and emotional state experienced prior to mounting up that affects the quality of your ride and can quickly build or diminishes your stress levels and confidence. By learning how to change your mind-set, diffuse your emotions, and let go of physical tension, you will learn how to create long-term changes in your mental, emotional, and physical experience when with the horse.

The reality is having a support system increases the likelihood of making positive and lasting changes. Having guidance to help you raise your awareness, acknowledge your negative thought contributors, learn positive alternatives, clarify your intentions, and practice pro-active partnerships, decreases and eventually eliminates the overwhelming and debilitating experience our thoughts can create. 

 I'm super excited to introduce the Empowered Equine Partnership Series. The goal is to help riders acknowledge, address, and eliminate what I call: Mind-Set Mayhem™ 

Distance and Online Learning Options for your journey- 
Intro Consultation - 1 on 1 Choose from a 15, 30, or 60-minute Telephone Consult
Empowered Equine Partnership Series 3-Part 1 on 1 Coaching Series 
Mindful Horsemanship Significance Webinar Series 3-Part Group Webinar Series (60 minutes each)

Recent Testimonials:
"I have been around horses most of my life and I learned a lot of new skills which I have been practicing in my mental approach when I'm with my horse.  I never prioritized addressing the "me" factor or acknowledging the effect of my thoughts on my horse handling skills. Seeing the change in how my horse has responded to my 'new' mind-set was incredible. A great balance between self-awareness and clear expectations has allowed me to enjoy being with my horse again. I can't thank you enough for your patience and support." Laurie K. Australia 2020

"I completed one of Sam's Equine Behavior Courses in June and was really impressed with the presentation, which was easy to understand and immensely enjoyable. She is very thought-provoking and it has lead me to consider the conversation my horse has to off and listen for his responses. Thank you Sam." Chantelle J, UK, 2020

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