Horsemanship: Building the Equine Partnership

Curiosity in horses... a great place to start the Conversation.

For more than a decade I initially rode without ever associating curiosity and horses. The focus was on task accomplishment. And the horse's purpose was to serve me. 

Things like the horse's mental availability, partnership and willingness to try weren't considered. Obedience and compliance were demanded. It was how we were taught. 

The public version of how the professionals "got the job done" versus the behind the scenes reality were very different. After witnessing numerous physical break downs in a variety of horses in multiple riding disciplines, I started realizing the continual mental stress and emotional defensiveness or being "on guard" continuously, was creating a majority of the injuries the horses were experiencing. 

 Over the last 30 years of working as an equine professional a lot of the troubled horses that find their way to me get an opportunity for a do-over. 

We start at the beginning of conversations that were never offered. Once the horse's human-taught-fear is diminished, they can replace it with the curiosity they were born with. Then the building of a solid foundation based on trust and mutual respect can begin. 

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