The Illusion of Horse Training- Human Misperceptions

The Illusion of "Horse Training"

One of the greatest negative contributors in the horse industry (to both the human and horse) is the misperception of Horse Training.

Factors like the owner's experience, perspectives, goals, understanding of horse behavior (or lack of it) despite however long they have been riding, create a misunderstanding as to what Training means to them, versus what the horse experiences.

For some, whose "world" is very small, much of the Training is creating conditioned responses.

Others rely on the human-convenient 30, 60, or 90 days " Horse Training Program" under the guise that they can now do anything with their horse.

If not actively working with the equine professional, most owners have no idea as to what is being "done" with their horse.

It is all too common that many "horse trainers" have one approach or method in working with the horse irrelevant of it is appropriate for the individual equine.

Rarely do professionals have the skills or follow through to communicate clearly with the horse's owner to keep them informed as to how, what, and why certain things are taught and done with the horse.

There's also the varying quality (or lack) of the horse trainer. I've encountered far too many professionals whose scope, experience, and availability to work with the horse is incredibly limited.

When most owners consider Training, they have a limited understanding in what they should be asking, seeing, and communicating with a trainer BEFORE enrolling their horse in a program.

This leads to all too many people getting their horseback from the trainer in a defensive, defeated state.

And I won't even delve into the toxic relationship that often occurs between trainers and their clients.

I wonder what the concept of "training" would be if every moment of Interaction with the Horse was considered as both a teaching and learning moment for BOTH the human and horse.

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  1. I have found that when I am learning with my horse, I am a much better rider. My horse and I have learned to do things together and I have benefitted from this process as much as my horse.


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