Distance, Online, and Remote Horse Learning


I started coaching remotely long before Covid existed. 

Because over the years many of my in-person clients came from far away, the concept of long-distance support seemed to make sense. 

 I know many riders unfamiliar with my approach couldn't fathom what they could possibly learn without a trainer or instructor on-site. 

 Fast forward to the last year and I'm so thankful to have been technologically set up to help new students continue to improve the relationship with their horse remotely. 

 The irony of possibly the most challenging times many people have experienced personally is the newfound clarity and commitment to their relationship with their horses. 

 The other Opportunity my long-distance coaching options can create is for the human to learn without the distraction of the horse. 

 Most riders are 95% of the time reacting to the horse with no specific or intentional communication offered to the horse. 

So the human has become passive, hopeful, and defensive. 

Taking the time to first mentally become clear changes everything in how, when, what communication they offer the horse.

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