Alternative Horsemanship Full Immersion Clinic

 What is an Alternative Horsemanship Full Immersion Clinic?

Developed to create various learning opportunities to help equine enthusiasts refine their understanding of equine behavior and communication. Sam includes numerous topics with participants learning while unmounted and mounted, and in individual and group sessions. These safe, fun, and supportive learning scenarios offer an in-depth, full-immersion experience.


Learn to recognize behavioral patterns sabotaging you and your horse's interactions, address "holes" you and your horse's understanding of one another, raise awareness of your mental presence and energy, refine the specificity of your communication, and improve the overall quality of the equine partnership while building trust with the horse.  The clinic offers a safe, non-critical environment where you are encouraged to take the time to recognize how, why, and what you're communicating with your horse.  These horsemanship clinics can be a great way to offer perspective and offer participants both short and long-term realistic approaches.  The structure and focus of the clinic will adapt to the participants' and their horses' abilities. Whether a trail rider, jumper, pleasure rider, competitive trail participant, endurance rider, work cattle, Dressage enthusiast, or have other equine interests, participants will be building and refining the quality foundation necessary to be successful in all horse activities!


The Friday through Sunday clinic focuses on Equine Behavior Assessment, Clear Communication & Effective Aids, Ground Work, and Riding. We also cover topics such as anatomical lectures, tack fit and appropriate usage, "finding a feel" exercises, group discussions, and more.

Location: The Equestrian Center, Sandpoint, ID 83864

Date: August 25-27, 2023

Location: Private Facility, Alpine, CA 91901

February 10-11, 2024

Participant Spots Available

Auditing Encouraged

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