Horse Goals & Interaction Tips

 What intentions do you have for you and your horse? What are you doing to work towards them?

Do you have a realistic perspective or are you trying to imitate some other rider, trainer, or professional who may have far more experience or different goals than yours?

I believe if more folks "bit off less" in what they attempted to do with the horse, ironically they would accomplish so MUCH more.

Instead, as is the case with much of our society- we focus on what we can't do, don't have, or have unrealistic expectations for ourselves and our horses.

Having goals is good.

Working towards continual positive change is important.

Evolving in the understanding and interaction with the horse matters.

I urge you to sit down and write a list of the top five things you'd like to work towards with your horse.

Then write down what things you feel are hindering you or preventing you from accomplishing them.

Then take each of those challenges, and counter them with a Positive Alternative that can contribute to achieving your goals with quality and respect towards the horse.

The mental focus of both the human and the horse is so important in the partnership with the horse.

The time to focus on what we are offering the horse should not be limited solely to when you're handling him. The more you learn and consider your own habits, behaviors, and perhaps patternized, reactive responses toward the horse, the faster you can learn how to start changing your own thoughts.

This, in turn, affects how you interact with the horse, with you offering proactive support towards your horse which will help you work towards and accomplish goals while building confidence in both of you.

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