Limited Time & Learning Horse Skills

 Whether limited due to work, school, family commitments, weather, etc. I encourage people to spend any and as much Quality Time they can with the horse. 

Does this means hours on end with the horse? No.

Quality Learning has a completely different outcome than hurrying to mimick the end results of what one has seen others "do" with their horses.

Every interaction with the horse is an Opportunity for:




*Raising self-awareness

*Acknowledging the Horse's Feedback

Can you learn without doing an hour ride? Yes

Do you have to ride to learn? No

Can you refine your communication without mindlessly repeating or practicing patterns for 40-minutes? Yes

Can you practice observing and recognizing patterns within either yourself or the horse? Yes

Can you have "success" even if you divert from your original intention based on adapting and addressing the horse's current mental and emotional current state? Yes

Learning to let go of mental distractions, past experiences, and self-imposed urgencies allows humans to increase their awareness, believe the horse's subtle communication, and refine their skill-sets affecting their Horsemanship.

When you're short on time with the horse, what have you noticed in your own habits, patterns, or thoughts?

Any reoccurring "problems?"

Is your communication clear or hurried?

How is your energy?

Do you ever pause to assess your breathing and physical tension?

How might your mental, emotional, and physical state influence the Quality of the Conversation with the horse?

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