Here is some feedback from clients from recent clinics, training sessions and Remote Coaching consultations...

"I had told my neighbor about you for years, but he wouldn't listen until he became scared with his new horse." Laurie, ID

"I tried to explain that my success with my once very difficult horse was NOT overnight nor was it by chance, rather with your support and guidance, and my commitment and energies, we started to see consistent, long term changes for the better..." Meghan, AZ

"I'm not sure why people think working the horse from the ground is a 'touchy feely' thing. The way you present learning to read the horse, have a conversation with the horse, I never realized how much I was completely missing. Without understanding that part, how do you ever feel comfortable with them when you ride?" Susan, WA

"My horse never 'did' anything wrong or bad or scary. But I knew something wasn't right. I could see from the blankness in his eyes that he was putting up with me, but he really wasn't enjoying our time together. With just a few simple 'tools' you taught us, you have completely changed our relationship." Jenna, MT

"How do people ride for years without ever paying attention to what the horse is trying to tell them? Even though I didn't understand what mine was saying, it was clear that I was unable to help him. Asking for your help, building both my own and his confidence, it was life changing." Susanna, FL

There are a million horse trainers out there "selling" the same the traditional approaches... Sometimes it takes thinking outside the box. looking within oneself, and trying something new to get dramatic, quality and long lasting changes.

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Private Individualized Horse Clinics with Samantha Harvey

Clinics... Have you ever felt like you'd prefer a one on one intensive and confidence building learning experience where you and your horse could have the undivided attention of the Clinician? 

Find out more about  Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey and the Private Individualized Clinics she offers at The Equestrian Center, LLC in Sandpoint, ID

Recent feedback from a Private Clinic participant:

"I'm so thrilled, I just have to tell my friends. Samantha Harvey is awesome. After two days and 6+ hours of lessons, I can say it is the best money I ever spent. As an example, the last thing we did was loading. In 20 minutes she had me loading Sunny very quietly and gently, literally step by step in and out. I rode Sunny in the round pen, getting her to turn left and right, all very gently, no fuss. Through the gate, step by step, all very calm. Absolutely amazing.

Does it work at home? Yep. Unloaded easily. Nice calm walk to the pasture and back. Brought her back to the pen, de-wormed her, no fuss.

Her technique is all about horse communication. Walking through the gate is the same as loading, walking though narrow spaces, putting on the saddle, etc. There's no going round and round in the round pen. I suspect you guys already know all about this. I guess Samantha just talked my language and it all made perfect sense to me. It's a process I can work with.

Bill B., Sagle, ID

Building Confident Horses

Confidence- just because a horse is going through the motions of "doing things" and is "learning" does not mean that he is gaining confidence and feeling secure from his experiences.