Alternative Horsemanship Horse Humor Journal

Samantha Harvey shares horse humor, motivational Alternative Horsemanship quotes, and equine inspiration in this 30-page, spiral-bound personal journal. 
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Fixing Dangerous and Unwanted Horse Behavior by Alternative Horsemanship

Horses don't just "do" that... 

What if we recognized and addressed the initial signs of concerned, fearful, or defensive equine behaviors before they erupted into things like:
Fleeing movement
Biting at the Air
and so many other moments that far too many riders respond to with, "Oh, he just does that, he's being a ____."

Achieve Horse Goals: Tips for Building Trust and Improving Horse Skills by the Remote Horse Coach

New Year, New Horse Goals, and New Intentions by Alternative Horsemanship

New Year, New Horse Goals, and New Intentions

Human Intentions influence everything - creating either a positive or negative outcome with the horse.

I often hear people fixate on the long list of all the things they don't want their horse to do, rather than focusing on how they will help their horse accomplish human goals.

Horse Rider Mindset Motivation

Mindset Motivation
I often share this quote as I work to educate folks to be more supportive of the horse.
So much of what dictates the quality and success along the horsemanship journey is based on the openness of the human putting themselves "out there" to be present. 

No critique or judgment towards themself. 

Letting go of comparing oneself with what "others" are doing. 

Groundwork: Helping or Hurting your Horse Partnership? Alternative Horsemanship the Remote Horse Coach

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series, the Remote Horse Coach focuses on groundwork and discusses understanding horse interactions that can either reinforce defensive, resistant, avoidant, unwanted behavior or it can teach the horse the skills to think, search, try, and offer reasonable behavior. Alternative Horsemanship™ shares insight into changing human patterns, critical communication, assessing the horse's feedback, and other tips to build a solid foundation and trust-based horse partnership. 

Can you recognize defensive horse behavior? • Can you recognize Defensive Horse Beh... 

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Improving Horse Skills: Mis Perceptions of the Halt

 Mis Perceptions of the Halt

Many humans view the halt as a physical yielding or obedient behavior. There is little or no concept of the difference between the feet not moving versus a horse mentally present, physically soft and balanced when asked to stand.

Horse Behavior Help: Task Accomplishment or Quality Communication

What does the mounting block, walking out a gate, loading into a horse trailer, crossing over a tarp, or passing through a stream have in common?

None of them are about the actual task. Instead, they can all reflect if there is Quality and intentional, specific communication or if one is lacking having the tools to communicate with the horse. They are Opportunities to refine first engaging and directing the horse's focus, then asking for adaptable movement.

Horse Help: Defensive Equine Behavior & Re-Education by Alternative Horsemanship


"Can you recognize signs of Defensive Horse Behavior?" 

Horse Skills: Mental Focus

 Mind Full vs Mindful

For people who are new to my teaching and training theories, there are many questions, followed by a great deal of pondering and brooding as folks start to question “the way they’ve always done things” with their horses.