Grooming the Horse for Feedback


I took the opportunity to transition my originally scheduled Oakzanita Ranch clinic in Descanso, CA to an Online Horsemanship Clinic.

This three day event, will now be offered as a five-part online clinic and will include video of me working three different horses, Daily Discussions, Four Photo Findings, Tack Tricks, and an Open Forum Q & A.

This photo was captured of me working with a mustang mare who had a serious flee in her any time she was concerned in the slightest.

This is my version of "grooming for feedback." It isn't about the act of touching the horse or an obedient response while ground tied on the grass.

Instead, it is an opportunity for me to notice if her skin is twitching when touched (defensiveness,) if she physically looks away (avoidance) as I move towards concerning parts of her body, and if she is in able to mentally process the conversation we had prior to the halt.

The feedback from the horse dictates what I need to address next to best support her to become a willing, curious, reasonable and adaptable equine partner.

Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey
Alternative Horsemanship Remote Horse Coach

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