Self Reflection Opportunities Improving the relationship with our Horse

I find during these stressful times, self-reflection in the emotional struggles folks are currently experiencing can also be applied to better understanding the challenges they may also be facing with their horses.
Though I won't comment on today's current events are being handled, I wanted to use this time to suggest to folks to doa self-analysis. Taking a look at their own behavior(s), and learning to recognize patterns, thought processes that lead to what physical activity (or reactivity) because these responses are no different than what arises when handling the horse.
So take some time for a personal assessment of your own thinking, emotional reaction vs rational processing and notice if your behavior is proactive or reactive. Perhaps your way of handling things, in general, is being brought to light with the current events, but know, this can be a time to "learn" and become self-aware to improve the quality of interaction with your horse. So here are some questions to pose to yourself- then apply in horse terms: How many times do you start something, even if you aren't clear about what you are doing, and then feel a bit stuck when you're in the middle of it? How many times do you start something with your HORSE, even if you aren't clear in what your intention is, then feel a bit stuck when the horse responds unexpectedly? How many times when you're unsure do you do nothing? How many times when you're horse behaves unexpectedly do you do nothing? How many times do you avoid a person/scenario that you know you need to address but haven't? How many times do you avoid a location/asking something of your horse because your horse has made you uncomfortable in the past? With the knowledge of the(potentially) uncomfortable interaction- whether with a human or horse- have you done anything to address, diffuse, educate, or work through the potential conflict? So in this time that for so many that will have a domino effect in multiple aspects of their life, recognize that much of the mental, emotional and physical challenges you are or will be facing in the near future- and how you mentally process, physically address and emotionally respond to them, is no different than how you do so with your horse.

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