Myofascial system of the Horse and his physical responses

Here is a recent article I came across by The Equine Documentalist:
The myofascial system is a newly explored phenomenon in the horse. Studies into its complexity show us just how interconnected the whole anatomy of the horse is.
Note how many of the lines go all the way into the hooves. Considering every anatomical point along a myofascial line directly affects every other point, and the position and orientation of each point will affect the position and orientation of every other through the concept of bio-tensegrity, we can see that the hoof will be subject to the physiological state of the body and vice versa. As we further investigate these concepts and relationships the compartmentalising of the hoof and the rest of the musculoskeletal system will be replaced with a more holistic outlook.  Read and watch for more info.

It is all connected...

This is such a great visual example of the "strings" I often talk about throughout the horse's body. The trickle-down effect of how one body part influences another, even if literally at the other end of the horse.

I've used the analogy of the string on a dog food back, where you start pulling one end, and the whole thing become unraveled. I find when people tell me about a horse that is heavy on the bit, resistant in the backing, have difficulting holding a canter or lope lead, etc. that they are other factors contributing to the unwanted physical behaviors.

Example: I talk about when there is a heaviness in the horse pushing on the halter or bridle, and noticing and addressing unlocking the physical brace- or locked up feeling- in the horse's hocks, students are shocked. This image is a great demonstration of that.

Learning to help each body part then influences the quality of the overall movement and softness of the horse, which of course starts with his mind first.

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