Preparing a Colt for Riding

 Opportunities to Hang Out 

 As with everything I believe balance is crucial in the education of the horse, especially when they are young. 

 This mare was born in the wild and was sent to my summer facility last year to learn about basic handling and interactions with people. 

 This year she's been with her owner at home in the desert. They've been refining the quality of the Conversations to help the mare willingly accept a rider in the future while maintaining her being a thoughtful, curious, and willing equine partner. 

 I like to create variety when I work with a horse. In this photo Chloe is enjoying hanging out while mid-lesson we paused to fix the electric fencing. 

 Not only is it an opportunity for the youngster to practice standing quietly, but it is one that teaches her the halt is not about making her stay, but rather an Opportunity for her to be present mentally and physically without emotional defensive, even when nothing is being asked of her. 

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