Basic Horse Trailer Packing List

 Horse Trailer Basic Packing List 

Lots of folks have been acquiring new horse trailers recently and have been asking me for a must-have supply list suggestion. 

 Basic list... Extra set of everything leaving it permanently in the trailer- for you (warm clothes, jackets, rain gear, extra boots, extra blankets, canned food, bottled water, kitchen set, leather gloves, human first-aid,) and for the horses extra halters, leadropes, buckets, haynets, water buckets and 5 gal containers, manure fork, manure bucket, hose, vet kit, horse meds such as Bute, etc. 

General: electrical cord, knife, wd40, headlight, flashlight, good spare tire, duct tape, bungee, step ladder, fire extinguisher, double ended snaps, baling twine, spare batteries, spare gas can, and a jack... 

 Make sure you don't just do an axle service but also check the wiring on the trailer electric brakes; they can feel like they are "working" but one set might be doing all the work.

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  1. This is a great list for packing a trailer. I seem to always forget extra clothes for myself. Following your advice, I need to put an extra set in the trailer and leave them. Thanks for the great advice


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