Horsemanship- Allowing ourselves Permission to be Present

"Have to" often clouds our awareness and acknowledgment of the horse. It limits our ability to believe and be empathetic towards the horse.

Can horse goals be good? Absolutely
But what if our first Goal was to begin every session by letting our own distractions go. Exhaling our urgencies. Calming our emotions and energy. And being available to "hear" the horse's communication without Critique?
Learning to address the horse in the present helps us succeed with Quality in the future.
A reminder the first of three webinars is starting today:
🐎Building Confidence in Horse and Human Jan 22, 2022
🐴Horse Help: What am I missing? Feb 5, 2022
🐎Pressure Points: Unintentional Human Communication Feb 19, 2022

50-minute lecture with 10 minutes Q & A opportunity. If you miss the LIVE event replay is available.
Click the link for details

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