Dear Sam: Horse Help *Equine Learning Opportunities- Getting the Most out of New Situations

Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series 
*Getting the Most out of Horsemanship Clinics 

 Sam discusses how potentially overwhelming or unfamiliar situations can evolve into quality learning opportunities. 

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Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey Remote Horse Coaching addresses challenging behavior that can occur in a horse. Want to improve the partnership with your horse? Want to decrease dangerous and unwanted horse behavior? Worried about attending a horse clinic and not sure how your horse will respond? Are you stressed about handling your horse Overwhelmed by traveling with your horse? My goal as a professional is to address the horse & rider- mentally, emotionally, and physically. To illuminate and discuss the nuances and the details that so many folks in the equine industry skim over. To offer specific and clear ideas and instruction that is adapted to the current abilities and experience of the student. In-Person learning 

Distance Horse Coaching and Consultations Online Horse Learning- Individual and Group Horse Coaching programs, Weekly Live Horse Training Videos, Empowering Equine Partnership Series, Consultations

165+ Alternative Horsemanship Video Catalogue- Webinars, Horse Courses, and more 

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