Challenging the Horse vs. Supporting Him- Horseback Rider Mindset


Challenging the Horse Statements

"Let's see if he..."
"I wonder if he..."
"Will he..."
"Maybe he will..."
"What if he does..."
"Why won't he just..."

Our words influence our actions. I meet many people who use the above statements unintentionally and are unaware of how much it influences and diminishes the quality of the equine partnership.

The misconception of constantly offering limited and unclear communication to the horse, and yet having an expectation that he will "figure it out," meaning whatever the human is asking. Then when the horse gets it "wrong" he is criticized for his try.

If instead of reactive, after-the-fact, communication we instead offered proactive interaction, meaning we continuously communicated to the horse what we did want, or what he could do, and then we acknowledged his feedback and addressed it, we would be able to work towards our goals while maintaining the horse's willingness, increasing his try, and building his trust.

As opposed to accomplishing tasks with the horse but creating a world full of far too many defensive, obedient, tight, mentally shut down, and tolerant equines.

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