Mental Distractions- Opportunities for Building the Equine Partnership

 Mental Distractions- Opportunities for Building the Equine Partnership

In this session on day 3 of the six-day Oakzanita Ranch Winter Clinic Series we embraced the distractions of nearby horses, grass in the round pen, unseen movement creating sounds coming from above, as this three-year-old learned to mentally check-in with the human.

Many people get triggered by distractions and mentally go far away from the horse as they get lost in the stories or potential anticipation of what might happen. When this occurs, they are unintentionally teaching the horse that they are no longer offering support to the equine. This then teaches the horse to take over and delegate how to protect/handle himself.

I'm constantly trying to switch the words and associations that so many people have in how they avoid potentially uncomfortable situations, and instead of using the tools of clear, specific communication to help the horse mentally work through distraction and chaos to offer physically reasonable behaviors. 

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