Clarity, Horsemanship, and Horse Communication

Clarity, Horsemanship, and Communication

How often do you get 10 or 15 minutes into interacting with the horse before considering "what you'll work on?"

How often do you arrive at the horse's pen, pasture, or stall and just spend a few minutes observing the horse's mental, emotional, and physical state, BEFORE you decide what to do with the horse that day?

How often are you engaging with other people while working with the horse causing your attention to be divided?

How often do you clearly communicate what, how, and when you ask something of your horse?

How often do you address what the horse is communicating?

So often humans are rushing ahead to the next "thing" that they are unclear in their intention, communication, and unavailable to believe, acknowledge, and address the horse.

This creates defensiveness in the partnership and can lead to many unwanted and unnecessary moments.

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